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We believe that one's experience in a particular legal field is vital when selecting the right legal firm hence, with our experience of more than 20 years, we shall provide you the best service in our practice areas. 

About Us
Messrs Harbans & Associates is a legal firm that is located in Kuala Lumpur. Harbans & Associates has broad and wide exposure in civil and conveyancing matters. Our litigation practice basically covers the multitude of legal and quasi-legal disciplines,  as well as general litigation and family law ranging from adoption, divorce, probate & administration of estates and general civil litigation.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer prompt and attentive service on each assignment whether our clients are individual or corporations.

We also draft, negotiate, and advice on a broad spectrum of debt transactions. We also enjoy a strong rapport with real estate agents and developers. 

Below are our clients' testimonials on our service:

"​​I decided to appoint Ms Harbans to conduct my child's adoption matter. I must admit that I'm very happy with your service for the smooth process. Thank you very much."
 -Mr Andy
"​​Hi Harbans, thank you for handling my case. I consulted a lot of legal firms but they were unable to guide me as to what I should do after I obtained a divorce from USA. You adviced me to obtain an order from the Malaysian courts and update the marriage records for the US divorce. Thank you for taking my case and updating the records, I really appreciate it."

-Mr Tan
"​​Thank you very much for doing a fantastic job. I know this was a problematic case but you handled it really well. It means a lot to me and my daughter. Once again, thank you"

-Mrs Meera
"I consulted many legal firms to do a revocation of muslim adoption but none of the firms that I consulted were able to give me an affirmative answer. I must say your firm was the only legal firm that could obtain the revocation order that I wanted. I was amazed when you actually did it within a 2 month time frame. I would definitely recommend your firm to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you so much for your assistance."

-Pn Mastura